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Vitamin D And Calcium Absorption Mechanism Explained

Vitamin D And Calcium AbsorptionIt seems easy to get calcium. It’s abundant in many of the foods we eat and drink and supplements line grocery shelves making having an excuse to be lacking this vital mineral laughable. However, calcium is nothing without vitamin D, and unfortunately vitamin D is a bit harder to come by. You won’t find it in a lot of foods, but you will find it on your front porch on a sunny day.

Shocking Calcium Supplement Side Effects You Wont Believe!

Calcium Supplement Side Effects Calcium is vital to proper functioning of the body. It’s responsible for bone growth and maintenance, and muscle and nerve health among other things. Many people choose to take a supplement in order to reach their dietary goals, but it’s important to remember that the best source of calcium is from food, preferably organic. Not only will eating foods high in this bone builder provide you with all the minerals and vitamins you need, it will also help you to avoid some of the shocking potential calcium supplement side effects that you might not be aware of.

Magnesium And Calcium Relationship – Which Ratio To Take?

Magnesium And Calcium We all know that calcium is critical for bone health, but that is only a small part of the equation. First of all, this mineral is vital for muscle, nerve and heart health as well as your skeleton. In addition, many people do not understand the relationship between magnesium and calcium, meaning that you need to check your supplements to ensure that you are taking what you need, because not getting enough of this critical mineral can cause problems.

Calcium Magnesium Citrate Supplement Benefits

Calcium Magnesium CitrateIf you are taking a calcium magnesium citrate supplement, good for you! You are working to ensure proper bone growth, and long term health of your critical skeletal system, amongst the many other benefits of calcium. However, it’s important to make sure that the supplement you are taking is providing you with essential magnesium, a mineral that is vital to your body’s processing and distribution of calcium. For this reason, the role of magnesium and calcium in the body is of the utmost importance.

Calcium Supplements For Women Over 50 – Is 1200 Mg Daily Too Much?

Calcium Supplements For WomenCalcium supplements for women are all the rage. The word “osteoporosis” has become so commonplace, most women proceed through life with great certainty that they will at one point in their golden years be afflicted with this bone deteriorating condition. Is it possible however that the National Osteoporosis Foundation For Women’s estimates of 1200 Mg per day entirely too much?

Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency In Women Vs Men Compared!

Symptoms of Calcium DeficiencyJust because we insist on only associating calcium with our bones doesn’t mean that a deficiency will be utterly evident because our bones will begin breaking left and right. The symptoms of calcium deficiency often have little to do with our bones (at least at first) and believe it or not, they vary between genders. The bodies of women sometimes react differently than men to a lack of calcium, and in both the fairer sex and their manly counterparts, a deficiency of calcium can lead to unpleasant side effects.

Role Of Calcium In The Body Explained!

Role Of Calcium In The BodyWe’ve all been told since we were old enough to remember that we’d better finish our milk because we need our calcium. It’s likely that none of us ever questioned why we needed this so badly, we just drank our milk so we didn’t get grounded. However, the role of calcium in the body is utterly critical to our biological processes, so grab a glass of milk (if you are lactose tolerant!) and have a read about all of the wonderful benefits of calcium.

Benefits Of Calcium Citrate And Vitamin D Supplements

Benefits Of CalciumFrom the time we’re little, our caregivers are consistently reminding us how important the benefits of calcium are for strong and healthy bones. While there is no doubt that calcium helps our bones grow and keeps them strong well into the golden years, calcium has other significant jobs too. And it’s also vital to remember the key link between vitamin d and calcium absorption, so you should be purchasing a supplement containing both (unless you enjoy drinking your milk outside in the sun).

Best Source Of Calcium For Kids Besides Milk – 10 Picks!

Best Source Of CalciumAh milk. When we’re young, we’re encouraged to drink it at every meal as it is the best source of calcium according to moms and grandmas everywhere, but did you know that it’s been suggested that only raw (unprocessed) milk provides us with any reasonable amount of calcium? Since nobody is very keen on naturally obtaining their milk straight from the cow by stalking pastures late at night, it’s important to realize that there are other food sources of calcium you might not be considering as options for kiddie mealtimes.

Calcium Daily Requirement For Women Of All Ages

Calcium Daily RequirementIt is estimated that 3 out of 4 women do not get the calcium that they need. While we can get the majority of the calcium that we need every day in our diet, many of us can’t find the time to whip up collard greens and baked beans 3 times a week for maximum minerals, and so many people turn instead to supplements. Throughout a woman’s life, her daily calcium requirements will change and fluctuate, so it’s important to know what your calcium daily requirement is, but it’s much more important to make sure that you meet it every day.