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Safe Valerian Dosage For Sleep

Valerian DosageThankfully there are now tests being done on herbal remedies. This is allowing for a better understanding of proper safe dosing and potential adverse effects. In the case of valerian, a potent and often hypnotic herb that is commonly used for assistance with sleep troubles, determining the proper dosage and length of use are critical when using it as a long term sleep aid in order to avoid both valerian overdose and also ensure that the proper herb is being consumed in order to gain maximum benefit.

Valerian Side Effects – Liver, Heart, Depression, Constipation?

Valerian Side Effects Valerian is a flowered plant whose pleasantly aromatic scent was even used as a perfume centuries ago. It has many health benefits as well, but the one it’s best known for is making sleepy time easier. This natural mild sedative has been used for other ailments including migraines and tummy troubles as well.

White Vs Red Valerian Plant Uses Compared

Valerian Plant No matter how many diverse and beautiful plant species nature can produce, there will always be those that look similar or mimic each other. This is extremely evident in the case of the valerian plant. True valerian is a plant that has been used in medicine making for centuries, and while its advantages may not be as numerous as clove oil uses for instance, that has no effect on how effective this little plant can be.

Valerian Extract Vs Root Dosage Explained

Valerian ExtractNatural medicines can be made from many parts of a beneficial plant, but in the case of valerian, the root is most significant part for medicinal use. It’s true that the flowers, centuries ago, were used in perfume making, but when it comes to valerian benefits for your health, the root is the important part.

Hops And Valerian Root Benefits Compared!

Valerian BenefitsValerian root is about as well known for sleep as are the health benefits of magnesium. That’s not going to make your shopping for supplements containing the valerian herb any easier however. It’s likely that you’re going to find good ol’ valerian for sleep, and also combination products containing hops – that’s right, hops.