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Why Do I Feel Bloated After Eating Salad – Fiber Alert!

Bloated After EatingMany people eat salad prior to a meal or at lunch time, but for people on a diet, salad consumption can make up a very large part of their daily food intake. For some, this can lead to uncomfortable bloating, which in turn can lead to confusion because most don’t understand how the body can react negatively from something that is so good for it.

Foods That Reduce Bloating Vs Pill For Long Term Effects!

Reduce BloatingBloating is an extremely common abdominal problem, and it’s also commonly misunderstood. For some reason, many people associate bloating with water in the abdomen. This may be because while a hard bloated stomach is common, the tummy can also feel squishy and full of liquid when bloated.

Hard Bloated Stomach With Pain In Children

Hard Bloated StomachChildren are often fraught with tummy troubles. Their growing bodies are forced to quickly learn what they want to tolerate and how much of it. Indecision on the part of the belly, however, can often lead to indigestion, and, in some cases, constipation and bloating.

I Feel Bloated All The Time – When To Be Concerned?

I Feel BloatedBloating is one of the most common forms of stomach discomfort that you will likely encounter. Feelings of pressure and fullness are often described as symptoms, along with a distended tummy and, on some occasions, pain. Knowing when to panic and when not to will help you know when to seek treatment and when to evaluate your diet and lifestyle choices while you’re sprawled on the couch moaning “I feel bloated”.

Natural Remedies For Bloating And Water Retention

Natural Remedies For BloatingBloating and water retention can be uncomfortable, and finding a remedy for bloating that also can help with water retention can seem like an impossible task. If you have switched your diet to include non bloating foods, and are getting enough exercise, you may be wondering how to relieve bloating fast while addressing the excess fluid you are carting around with you as well.

Common Causes Of Bloating In Women Over 50

Causes Of Bloating In WomenBloating is a common condition, and frequently occurs in women of all ages. Bloating can make your pants not fit and leave you feeling groggy and sluggish. Identifying the cause of your bloating if it is unusual or recurrent and not cyclic is important because it could be a symptom of an underlying health condition.

Natural Treatment For Bloating And Gas – Long Term Solution Revealed!

Treatment For BloatingBloating and gas are normal when associated with overindulgence or cyclically during menstruation, however frequent bloating that is not occurring after mealtime or during Aunt Flo’s monthly visit could mean that you need to make some long term changes in order to remedy your tummy troubles. Treatment for bloating and gas is rather limited to antacids and brisk after dinner walks, so finding long term solutions that prevent recurrences and eliminate the need to find cures for bloating is ideal.

My Stomach Is Bloated And Hard At Night – What To Do?

My Stomach Is BloatedEver sat at the dinner table well beyond the time which the plates have been removed, only to sigh at your family or friends, and whisper “I feel bloated” when asked why you have elected to skip the movie or board game? You’re not alone.

Stomach Bloating And Pain During Period – Vitamin Deficiency Alert!

Stomach Bloating And PainStomach bloating and pain are common during period. The changes that occur in the body during this once monthly natural process can affect everything from our weight to our moods. But did you know that lacking essential vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B12, B6, B3, B1, vitamin D, E, magnesium and calcium can exacerbate your already unpleasant pain symptoms?

Feeling Bloated After Eating Bread And Other Carbs – Gluten Alert!

Feeling Bloated After EatingAre you frequently feeling bloated after eating? Do you ever stop to wonder if it’s what you’re feasting on that is causing your distended belly? Sure, overeating can cause bloating, but if you stuck to a decent portion size and are still feeling the effects of a post meal bloat, it may be related to gluten.