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Why Do I Feel Bloated After Eating Salad – Fiber Alert!

Bloated After EatingMany people eat salad prior to a meal or at lunch time, but for people on a diet, salad consumption can make up a very large part of their daily food intake. For some, this can lead to uncomfortable bloating, which in turn can lead to confusion because most don’t understand how the body can react negatively from something that is so good for it.

Foods That Reduce Bloating Vs Pill For Long Term Effects!

Reduce BloatingBloating is an extremely common abdominal problem, and it’s also commonly misunderstood. For some reason, many people associate bloating with water in the abdomen. This may be because while a hard bloated stomach is common, the tummy can also feel squishy and full of liquid when bloated.

Hard Bloated Stomach With Pain In Children

Hard Bloated StomachChildren are often fraught with tummy troubles. Their growing bodies are forced to quickly learn what they want to tolerate and how much of it. Indecision on the part of the belly, however, can often lead to indigestion, and, in some cases, constipation and bloating.

I Feel Bloated All The Time – When To Be Concerned?

I Feel BloatedBloating is one of the most common forms of stomach discomfort that you will likely encounter. Feelings of pressure and fullness are often described as symptoms, along with a distended tummy and, on some occasions, pain. Knowing when to panic and when not to will help you know when to seek treatment and when to evaluate your diet and lifestyle choices while you’re sprawled on the couch moaning “I feel bloated”.

Natural Laxatives For Constipation Relief During Pregnancy

Laxatives For ConstipationFinding safe medications can be challenging during pregnancy, especially considering the plethora of digestive druthers that many women experience during this period of physical changes. Laxatives for constipation aren’t just found in the medicine aisle and many can come from nature, the produce aisle, over the counter in the form of supplements and even in a hot cup of tea.

Calcium Constipation Cure Or Trigger?

Calcium ConstipationA frequently stressed point by Dr. Oz is the importance of taking calcium magnesium citrate, or some other combination of these two powerful ingredients for natural cure methods. There are many reasons that taking them in unison is so important, most importantly the fact that absorption of calcium is all but impossible without its BFF, magnesium.

Best Magnesium For Constipation – What Type Works Best?

Magnesium For ConstipationUsing magnesium for constipation can be a great way to unclog nature’s pipes, and a much gentler alternative to over the counter laxatives and psyllium drinks. However, it can sometimes be confusing to determine specifically what the best magnesium supplement for you to use in order to relieve mild constipation is. You will see magnesium in many products, but their uses vary and not all are ideal for unblocking your butt.

Best Tea For Constipation Relief – Top 10 Options!

Tea For ConstipationIt seems like there are more available teas than we know what to do with. In fact, there are even whole mega mall stores now devoted just to tea; and, with good reason. Tea provides holistic healing for many ails, including blocked bottoms. Tea for constipation has been used for centuries due to its gentle relief, ease of preparation and soothing properties. You can even combine different types of tea for different flavors, aromas and benefits.

10 Grandma’s Secret Natural Cures For Constipation In Adults

Natural Cures For ConstipationGrandmothers and grandfathers have been passing down hokey home remedies for centuries, and while you may consider some of them laughable, the results some adults achieve with home remedies are no laughing matter. Consider natural cures for constipation for instance. While it’s easy to head to the pharmacy for over the counter laxatives for constipation, you may have everything you need for many natural cures for constipation right in your home or kitchen.

Magnesium Citrate Constipation Relief Dose

Magnesium Citrate ConstipationMany people are under the incorrect assumption that natural healing options are always safe in any amount and that cannot be further from the truth. It’s wonderful to harness all the benefit nature has to offer, but nature also provides many hazards like volcanoes and cobra venom, so it’s important to understand that while we can greatly benefit from centuries old medicines from non-pharmacological products, there are still limits, risks and side effects to be understood before doing so.