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Herxheimer Reaction Candida Die Off – 10 Things To Expect

While the herxheimer reaction candida link is still a topic of debate amongst the medical community and natural healing industry, it is in fact a genuine occurrence for many types of bacterial treatment and inflammation therapy. The basic process of the herxheimer reaction is a result of endotoxins being released by the targeted organisms of treatment.

Diflucan Side Effects – Liver Problems, Itching, And Hair Loss?

Diflucan Side EffectsDiflucan is a relatively common chemical drug, and is used as an antifungal (meant to suppress the growth of fungi) to treat many conditions. Diflucan for yeast infection is one of the most common; however this brand named medication is also used to treat other candida symptoms in women and men as well.

Can You Really Kill Candida Quickly Without Diet – 10 Myths

Kill CandidaWith all the hype surrounding modern day detoxes and cleanses, many people wonder “is candida real” and if so, what’s the best way to treat it and quickly? Candida overgrowth is caused by an unhealthy body. This can be from toxins, a nutrient imbalance, or inherited deficiencies.

Best Yeast Infection Treatment OTC Brands – Danger Alert!

Best Yeast Infection Treatment When women feel a yeast infection coming on because of symptoms such as itching, burning, irritation, redness, unusual discharge with unpleasant smell or color, or discomfort during sex, many head straight to the drug store to pick up an OTC tube of cream or vaginal inserts commonly used for treating yeast infections.

Treating Candida Myths: 3 False Cures Revealed!

Treating CandidaThere is no one best quick method for treating candida. It is a long process that involves cleansing and whole nutrition to remedy. However, that hasn’t stopped evidence of false cures from popping up, and not only will most of them not effectively kill candida (although you can’t actually kill it, but rather shrink it back to its healthy size), they can have side effects as well!

How To Test For Candida Overgrowth – Blood Vs Spit Test?

How To Test For Candida One of the reasons that candida overgrowth still isn’t largely recognized by the medical community is due to the difficulty in identifying it. For instance, many people wondering how to test for candida are often surprised to find out that there isn’t a blood test available for determining the extent to which one might be overgrown with this prolific yeastie.

10 Facts About Candida Skin Rash

Candida Skin Rash One of the most common manifestations of candida albicans is an often extremely itchy skin rash. Although it can look quite different depending on a few factors, most candida skin rash examples are red and show signs of inflammation. Some have white crusty areas on them as well. If you’re having a hard time identifying your skin changes, you might want to start with checking out this list of 10 facts about candida dermatitis and rashes that you might not have known!

Chronic Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms – 7 Neurological Signs

Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms When most people think of a yeast infection, they think of effects occurring only south of the border, however systemic yeast infection symptoms, those resulting from the spread of candida albicans throughout the body via the blood, affect a whole lot more than lady parts. For people wondering “is candid real?” systemic yeast infection symptoms and signs often uncomfortably provide the answer.

What Causes Candida Albicans Overgrowth In Women?

What Causes CandidaDue to the increased popularity of body cleanses and detoxes, many women are wondering what causes candida albicans overgrowth, a common target of many a “body house-cleaning” procedures. Well, candida is a fungus, and while you always have it on you (just like dormant cancer cells), the problems occur when you end up having too many of these yeastie colonies invading the mucousy regions of your body.

Oral Candida Symptoms In Men – 7 Signs To Watch Out For!

 Candida Symptoms In MenOral candida, or oral thrush, is most common in infants; however it does occur outside of infancy. Most commonly, candida symptoms in men occur in those who are taking certain medications, have compromised immune systems or who are older. Candida mouth symptoms in men can vary, but we’ve compiled 7 signs to watch out for that may indicate that you have candida yeast symptoms in the mouth!